Echo from the Past: Russian Empress Catherine the Great 1787 Smallpox Letter Urging Her Subjects to be Vaxxed

Name: Empress Catherine the Great.
Event: 1787 Smallpox Letter.
Date: 4.20.1787.
Location: Russia, Earth.
News Link: - 11.19.2021.

An echo from the past.

While the media is prepping up to manipulate the masses with predictive smallpox programming, an old letter from Empress Catherine the Great has been unveiled in Moscow. She was urging her subjects to be vaccinated against smallpox.

The Moscow Times published this news story on: 11.19.2021

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Catherine the Great Smallpox Letter Echoes Russia’s Pandemic Woes
A rare letter written by Russian Empress Catherine the Great urging her subjects to be vaccinated against smallpox has been unveiled in Moscow, as Russia's current leadership struggles with its own vaccination drive more than two centuries later.
In the letter, dated April 20, 1787, and addressed to a count, the German-born ruler who expanded Russia's territory provides detailed instructions to authorities in present-day Ukraine on how to organize an effective inoculation campaign.

Source: - 11.19.2021.