China: 44% Industrial Activity Hit by Power Shortages, Outages and Factory Closures

Name: China.
Event: Power Shortages, Outages and Factory Closures.
Date: 9.28.2021.
Location: China (PRC), Earth.
News Link: - 9.28.2021.

A lot of power outages going on worldwide. And the latest on the list, is this event in China.
Keep also an eye on the container ships situation, the fuel shortages (hoax?), the chip shortages and food supply chain shortages.

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China Hit by Wave of Power Rationing, Outages, And Factory Closures
China is facing ongoing power shortages in its industrial northeast triggering a wave of factory closures, with traffic lights, residential elevators, and mobile phone coverage also affected in some cities.

According to an estimate by Goldman Sachs, as much as 44 percent of China's industrial activity has been hit by power shortages, leading analysts to cut their 2021 GDP growth forecast for China to 7.8 percent from an earlier estimate of 8.2 percent.

Source: - 9.28.2021.