Port in LA Has Backlog of 65 Container Ships. Every Week 10 Ships Are Added to the Queue

Name: Port in LA.
Event: Backlog.
Date: 9.20.2021.
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: news.yahoo.com - 9.20.2021.

After the strange and amazing adventures of the Ever Given, the world may be treated with another shipping saga.
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The largest port in the US hit a new ship-backlog record every day last week, as 65 massive container boats float off the California coast
The Southern California ports that are responsible for almost half of all US imports hit a new record every day last week.
Over the past week, the queue of ships waiting to unload at the ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach have lengthened by 10 ships. On Friday, the ports had 65 cargo ships stuck at anchor or in drift areas waiting for spots to open up to dock and unload. The ports, which are a primary thoroughfare for key imports between Asia and the US, had 147 ships in the locations, including 95 hulking cargo ships on Friday - both new records.
The average wait time for the vessels is about 8.7 days - about 2.5 days longer than the same time the month before, Los Angeles port data indicated.

Source: news.yahoo.com - 9.20.2021.