U.S. – 2nd Co-Op City Power Outage, Same Building in N.Y.C.

Event: U.S. - 2nd Co-Op City Power Outage, Same Building in NYC.
Name: New York City, Power Outage.
Date: 2.28.2021.
Location: New York, United States of America, Earth.
News Link: newyork.cbslocal.com - 2.28.2021.

2nd Co-Op City Power Outage Affects Residents In Same Buildings That Lost Electricity Friday
Co-op City Police said work had begun to restore power to section one, buildings 1-8, around 8 a.m.
A transformer fire knocked out power to the same buildings on Friday. Ada Longman, a 73-year-old resident who used a portable oxygen tank, collapsed and died hiking up the stairs to her 19th-floor apartment during that outage.

Source: newyork.cbslocal.com - 2.28.2021.

It´s terrible that an old lady passed away during the Friday power outage.

Is it strange that a power outage can happen twice in the same building?
Some symbols and a 9 11 code are embedded in these events.

Two events (power outage) happened at the same place.
The second event happened 2 days later after the first. We can see this as a twin symbol; 2 events, 2 days.

And there are some numbers that can be interesting. The news article from newyork.cbslocal.com said:

buildings 1-8, around 8 a.m.

1 + 8 + 8 = 17
1 + 7 = 8

The buildings are 1 to 8. The time is also an 8.
A building is a space.
And 8 can be seen as an infinity symbol. Time, space and infinity ... and a power outage.

A twin symbol, 1 1 for example, can also be perceived as a mirror symbol. And when placing two mirrors opposite of each other, the image in the mirrors will reflect infinity.

a 73-year-old resident ...
... her 19th-floor apartment ...

7 + 3 = 10
And 1 + 0 = 1

1 + 9 = 1

Or: 7 + 3 = 10

... her 19th-floor apartment ...

1 19

Are we just looking for these numbers and find them in various events but they don't heave a real meaning to it? Are the numbers popping up to show us something? Are these just random numbers?