Timespace Modification Weapon – Navy Docs UFO Patent?

An amazing article surfaced in the mainstream media flow. It's about a U.S. Navy patent describing some kind of space time modification weapon.

In this year 2021 many things in society can change in a rapid pace. We have all seen the strange and odd situations surrounding the U.S. elections and of course the pandemic hype that has caught many people in a rollercoaster type of ride.

And there's still somewhere the notorious Q. What has Q to do with all this, this time?
As many know: Q has made hints and suggestions pointing towards the possibility of time travel or time manipulation. There are also many so called QAnons or Q followers who believe that Q may somehow be involved in time travel or the Looking Glass Project ⇒

An interesting article surfaced in the mainstream media. It's from TheDrive's Warzone website and has some very nice stuff, including images. It's about a Time Space Modification Weapon.

Future Proves Past

What we also find interesting is that there's more strange kind of disclosures going on. No big shocking 'booms' but small but significant news items showing in the mainstream media, step by step, that the world is rapidly changing. Could Q be right in some cases, and perhaps all? Who knows.

Future Proves Past, is a well known Q and QAnon phrase. Perhaps this so called Timespace Modification Weapon is working?

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Navy "UFO Patent" Documents Talk Of "Spacetime Modification Weapon," Detail Experimental Testing

The War Zone's most recent report on the strange circumstances surrounding these patents underlined that there were indeed some type of physical experiments conducted related to them, even if very limited. Now, new Freedom of Information Act releases provide unprecedented insights not just into how seriously the Navy took Dr. Pais's work, but also exactly how elements of it were actually tested at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars and where the program may have ended up. The materials even include mention of a "Spacetime Modification Weapon (SMW- a weapon that can make the Hydrogen bomb seem more like a firecracker, in comparison)."

Source: thedrive.com - 1.26.2021