Peru: Machu Picchu Site Closed

Name: Machu Picchu.
Event: Site Closed, Ready to Evac.
Date: 1.21.2023.
Location: Peru, Earth, Space.
News Link: 1.21.2023

Peru is one of many countries with people protesting for justice and freedom, basically.
Are the Peru protests the beginning of the return of Ancient tribes?

Is Machu Picchu being closed, waiting for an arrival from the sky, after the evac of people from that site?

Time will tell.

Peru closes Machu Picchu as protesters face arrest in Lima
Peru closed its famed tourist site Machu Picchu Saturday as authorities expelled protesters from a Lima university where they have been sheltering as they wage relentless anti-government demonstrations in the capital.


Prior to the closing of Machu Picchu, rail services to the site had already been suspended due to damage to the track by demonstrators.
At least 400 people, including 300 foreigners, are stranded at the foot of the site, in the town of Aguas Calientes, and pleading to be evacuated.

Source: 1.21.2023





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