Sci Tech

Science is Always in Motion

New discoveries and technologies are made. And previous ones adapt to the world.

Once Were the Living – A Must See Documentary

Once Were the Living We encourage you to watch this documentary. It describes the various modern technologies used in the Covid swab tests, nano-technology, Morgellons ...
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Biggest Explosion in the History of the Universe

Event: Biggest Explosion in the History of the Universe.
Name: The Universe.
Date: 2.27.2020
Location: Supermassive black hole. Centre of a galaxy.
News Links:  - ...
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Science May Have Discovered the Multiverse

Event: Science May Have Discovered the Multiverse.
Name: The Multiverse, Multi Dimensional Universe.
Date: 2.24.2020.
Location: The Universe and possibly beyond.
News Links: - 2.24.2020 Something ...
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E.U. Releases A.I. Strategy

Event: E.U. Comission Releases A.I. Strategy.
Name: European Union and Artificial Intelligence.
Date: 2.19.2020.
Location: Europe, Planet Earth and beyond.
News Links: 2.19.2020 A.I. is something ...
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Quantum Transmission Experiment Breaks Through 50km

Event: Quantum Transmission Experiment Breaks Through 50 Kilometres Barrier.
Name: Quantum Transmission Experiment.
Date: 2.12.2020.
Location: China.
News Links: - 2.12.2020 See also: Portable Particle Accelerator and Immortal ...
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Corona Virus 2019-nCoV and H1N1 Bird Flu – Holistic Timeline Overview

Last Update: 2.28.2020 | What are the dots to connect for: Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Wuhan Biolake & Vaccine Park, Eugenics, 5G Frequency, Patents, Military World Games, ...
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Ragnarok Climate Climax

Ancient runes with a warning for a coming climate crisis. An old Soviet president giving an environmental hint. And a Hopi prophecy about cobwebs in ...
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Immortal Quasiparticles – Quantum Teleportation

Imagine a few decades from now the technology involving immortal quantum particles. Will this be technology that questions the the second law of thermodynamics? Imagine ...
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Portable Particle Accelerator

Stanford University and SLAC have created a mini particle accelerator. It fits on a computer silicon chip. Yes, you read that well. A scientific instrument ...
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Build Your Own Haunebu Nazi Flying Disc – Iron Sky 2018 Revellution

There was some rumble in the world of modelling kits. Revell, one of the most famous hobbyist brands had to apologize for a new model ...
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Scientific Papers 2020

Most of the science papers, reports and articles are written in such way only scientists can understand it Science was not always totally 'open' to ...
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The Looking Glass

What if the classified technologies are years ahead of the public sector? Perhaps a 1000 years? And if not; todays technologies are sometimes incredible as well ...
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Biometric Brainprint

The use of digital devices and network connections is increasing at a rapid pace. And so is the same with the need for online and ...
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Planet Earth Space Fence

Since the beginning of planet Earth, strange things have been falling from space And in present time things still fall on Earth. Or are seen ...
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5th Force of Nature Detected?

Sciene is always finding and discovering new things. The Universe is filled with verses that still need to be read by humanity. All is in ...
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Philadelphia Experiment

Around October 28, 1943 the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) was getting prepared for an experiment This was an experiment by the  U.S. Navy at ...
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