A New Way of Measuring Time Was Discovered by Scientists on This Timeline

Name: Rydberg atoms.
Event: New Way of Time Measurement.
Date: 10.31.2022.
Location: Uppsala University in Sweden, Earth, Space.
News Link: sciencealert.com - 10.31.2022.

Scientists Just Discovered an Entirely New Way of Measuring Time
Just like actual waves in a pond, having more than one Rydberg wave packet rippling about in a space creates interference, resulting in unique patterns of ripples. Throw enough Rydberg wave packets into the same atomic pond, and those unique patterns will each represent the distinct time it takes for the wave packets to evolve in accordance with one another.
It was these very 'fingerprints' of time that the physicists behind this latest set of experiments set out to test, showing they were consistent and reliable enough to serve as a form of quantum timestamping.
Their research involved measuring the results of laser-excited helium atoms and matching their findings with theoretical predictions to show how their signature results could stand in for a duration of time.

Source: sciencealert.com - 10.31.2022

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