University of Melbourne Receives CERN Particle Accelerator Equipment

Name: University of Melbourne.
Event: CERN Particle Accelerator Equipment
Date: September 2021.
Location: Australia, Earth.
News Link: - September 2021.

There's a lot Australian news these days.

Now the University of Melbourne has some particle accelerator equipment.

A system for developing and testing particle accelerators has arrived at the University from CERN in Switzerland. The MelBOX is now settling in.
The particle accelerator test system was sent from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Dubbed the ‘MelBOX’, the new system is one of two X-BOX3 test systems at CERN. X-BOX3 is the third version of CERN’s high-frequency (X-band) test system. It was developed as part of the CLIC program to build a compact linear collider.

Source: - September 2021.