A Company Is Trying To Bring Back The Wooly Mammoth To Combat Climate Change

Name: Wooly Mammoth.
Event: Resurection.
Date: 9.13.2021.
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: thehill.com - 9.13.2021.

The Woolly Mammoth is ready to combat the climate change. May be that's because Woolly the Mammoth knows about the ice age, Ragnarok and Fimbulwinter? Scientists want to bring back Woolly the Mammoth via a DNA time transportal renaissance method.

There may be an alternative time line where a large company has commercialized the resurected Woolly into mini Woolly the Mammoths. Millions were sold as toys. Mini Woollies worldwide. And at a certain point, some Woollies went rogue and started the Fauna Underground.

Harvard-backed company is trying to resurrect the wooly mammoth to combat climate change
Company leadership intends to resurrect the woolly mammoth using genetic sequencing and editing technology, specifically CRISPR. From there, Colossal will cultivate a de-extinction library of animals to resuscitate into the modern world. It also aims to harvest DNA and embryos from currently endangered species to prevent similar extinction patterns.

Source: thehill.com - 9.13.2021.