The Future

An overview of news regarding the future.

An amazing article surfaced in the mainstream media flow. It’s about a U.S. Navy patent describing some kind of spacetime modification weapon. In this year 2021 many things in society can change in a rapid pace. WeRead More →

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Event: Space Force Video: “Maybe your purpose on this planet isn’t on this planet” Kits. Name: Space Force. Date: 5.4.2020. Location: U.S.A., Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: – 5.7.2020. We all dream of space andRead More →

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The Q Continuum Future Proves Past – Lock Down Look Up

A Dutch model on the cover of a magazine. COVFEFE for 5G. Atlas Mission. JFK Junior is alive. Rumors, chatter, Q Codes and different realities. While the world is in a corona daze a plot is unfoldingRead More →

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Event: Genetically Modified Neurons Connect to Cybernetic Implants. Name: Cybernetics. Date: 3.19.2020. Location: Stanford University in California, United States of America, Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: – 3.19.2020 Super soldiers, cyborgs and implants. These things existRead More →

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Event: Liberated Penguin Units Investigate Chicago Aquarium. Name: Chicago Penguin Unit 2020. Date: 3.18.2020 (date of New Zealand news article). Location: Chicago, United States of America, Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: – 3.18.2020 And soRead More →

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Event: Chinese Warship Fired Laser at American Surveillance Plane. Name: P-8A Poseidon Aircraft. Date: 2.28.2020 Location: Philippine Sea west of Guam, Planet Earth. News Links: – 2.28.2020 Of course this can be a mistake or error but during theseRead More →

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Event: Science May Have Discovered the Multiverse. Name: The Multiverse, Multi Dimensional Universe. Date: 2.24.2020. Location: The Universe and possibly beyond. News Links: – 2.24.2020 Something many people innerstand: the Multiverse.  The universe could possibly have more dimensions.Read More →

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Event: E.U. Comission Releases A.I. Strategy. Name: European Union and Artificial Intelligence. Date: 2.19.2020. Location: Europe, Planet Earth and beyond. News Links: 2.19.2020 A.I. is something we have to monitor on this timeline and beyond. Keep in mindRead More →

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