Allesaufdentisch Everything on the Table – Artists and Scientists United Cause Major Blow to YouTube Censorship in Germany

If you love and respect freedom of speech, then this news from Germany may be something good. Scientists and artists united against YoutTube censorship. And the court rules against the social media video giant.

The Allesaufdentisch (everything on the table) movement have their own website with lots of videos. Most videos are in the German language but an English text is added to each page to the video, to explain the topics.

The website has a nice article written about the Allesaufdentisch movement.

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Major Blow To YouTube Germany Censorship…Court Orders Reinstatement Of Removed Corona-Critical Videos
Dozens of prominent German actors have banded together as part of the “allesaufdentisch” (everything on the table) freedom of expression campaign to demand a more open discussion on the Corona virus and the controversial government policies, rules and regulations. Their statements were posted in the form of short videos on YouTube.
In the recent months, views critical of government Corona policies and vaccines have been suppressed by the major media.
“Increasing concern” over political actions
At their allesaufdentisch site, the group of leading actors, performers, artists state: “We are watching the development of political action in the Corona crisis with increasing concern. Many experts have not yet been heard in the public Corona debate. We would like to see a wide-ranging, fact-based, open and factual discourse and also an equally wide-ranging discussion of the videos.”
Each actor posted a YouTube video criticizing the current suppressive policies. See background here.
YouTube takes down critical videos, citing “totally vague” reasons
Not surprisingly, YouTube has since moved and taken down some of the videos, citing totally vague reasons such as “violating community guidelines.”
Yesterday German national leading daily Bild below reported on YouTube’s controversial removal of the videos:

Source: - 10.12.2021.