2.22.2022 – There’s No Way Back

Today is a significant day. Some call it: the Twosday. It's all about numbers and dates. Today is 2.22.2022 and some say that a portal has opened.

Dates and numbers are mostly a matter of perception. Depending on one's view of the world, mostly.

2.22.2022 - No Way Back

Imagine that the pandemic and all it's measures, mandates and rules are gone. Governments around the world announce that masks, lockdowns, social distancing, health passports and digital identity QR-codes are a thing of the past. Imagine that if you will. Do you see the world back to normal? Like it was before the plandemic started, more than 2 years ago?

We can't go back to normal, and the world as we used to know. Too many things happened, and are still happening.
Things that are connected to the worldwide Great Awakening. Too many people waking up, so to speak.

For us it can't be too many. The more people wake up, the better. These are serious times.
We're in almost in the eye of the storm. The timeline was disrupted. But there has been a change.
A positive flip. A good time flux. A new timeline, today, the Twosday 2.22.2022.

Dangerous Times

We don't want to be involved in fear porn and doomsday cultism. It's about the naked truth.
Many people protesting around the world. And the lifting of the veils.

Whenever a good wave of positive energy is about to reach Earth's density, the bad guys, black hats cabal deep state shadow government usual suspects, or whatever you like to call, them, know this.
They have their crystal balls, the Looking Glass type of devices, the remote viewer and Scryers.
They see it coming, from far. The impact of the divine beam of light.




This happened also at the end of 2019, when a Bright Light entered the human realm, just before the plandemic started in 2020. It's all about timing, as you know. And yes: time is an i11usion.

The Portal to the Future

While we're writing this, the mainstream media is trying to put all focus and attention on the war drums in the Ukraine, as it was written. A scenario. Many movies at the same time. A bioweapon megapolis. The cradle of the planned Zombie situation? Is the Red Queen like the emperor without clothes? Are the rumors about the White Hats and Russian troops, chasing the ussual cabal suspects in the Ukraine real? So many Questions.

Rumors in the Kremlin. You know. Rumors in the media. Trying to blame the Soviets, for a world war 3, deeply desired by the deep state. Trying to distract the public attention. Rumors of DEFCON 2. Hyperinflation, inflating a big Zeppelin, with the fate of the Hindenburg. When the levee breaks.

Social media is filled with citizen journalists. Reporting on the protests, worldwide.
All eyes on Canada. Police and army elements, betraying the people. And other brave personnel, speaking out, about the tyrannical 1984 style of approach, towards the people. The working class. Parents, students, office workers, all joining hands with the Truck Revolution Convoy. Touching the human collective. Waking up the human heartbeat, in unison.

Where Are We going From Here?

The future is in your hands. Left, right. A bird needs two wings to fly.
Is the year 2022 going to be a Déja Vu? An echo from 2020 and 2021. Reflecting in the cage of Plato?
Your voice can neutralize the echo. Your voice is important. As odd it may sound: it can conquer the LRAD and other exotic acoustic weaponry. Dune style, Moa'deep.

Talking about Moab's. Is The Plan still on the cabal's bucket list? The incoming NEO. The asteroid meteor comet space rock impact. Was it a M.O.A.B. or a real asteroid?

Or is the Project Blue Beam the favourite choice for the next chapter in world history?
Some are preparing the return of the Messiah. Is it a hologram?

Another outbreak, after the 2022 Olympic games in China? An echo from Outbreak at the Winter Olympics 2018 in Pyeongchang South Korea? 

All at once? All movies at the same time, and space?

22 is a twin number. And we found something very interesting on social media:

A meme from social media.

Are we going to discover the real Q? Is it indeed an alphabet group MK project, Mockinbird, Bluebird, tweety?
Or a rogue AI? Is Q sincerely a real Q?

So many Questions.

Future Proves Past?