Worldwide Protests – UPDATE: 12.12.2021 Worldwide Massive Demonstrations – The Revolution Won’t Be Televised – VIDEO

An overview of worldwide protests against: masks, vax mandates, lockdowns, QR-Vax passports and other plandemic related issues. With regular updates.

UPDATE 12.12.2021

Worldwide Massive Demonstrations - The Revolution won't be Televised [Dec 5, 2021]
Huge compilation of Demonstrations, Protests and Freedomrallies around the world. All videos in this compilation are made between Dec 3-5, 2021. Please share this video as much as you can. Don't forget to subscribe to this rumble-channel, as more videos will come.

Source: BananaMedia - Rumble Channel -Video- 12.6.2021

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Martinique: Shots fired at police as anger rises over COVID curbs
Gunshots have been fired at police in the French Caribbean island of Martinique in a sign that unrest triggered by COVID-19 restrictions that rocked the nearby island of Guadeloupe could be spreading.

Source: - 11.23.2021

Demonstrations against new virus restrictions were observed in Austria, Croatia, Italy, Northern Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Outside of Europe, protesters were seen in several cities across Canada, Australia, Japan, and even the US. Some marked Saturday as part of a “Worldwide Freedom” rally to protest COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Source: - 11.22.2021

Disney Halts Vaccine Mandate for Theme Park Workers After Florida Ban
Disney has put on pause a coronavirus vaccine mandate for employees of its Florida theme park after the State Legislature and the governor made it illegal for employers to require all workers get the shots, a company spokesperson confirmed Saturday.

Source: - 11.20.2021

Police open fire on anti-vax protestors in Netherlands after fireworks thrown at officers
The city's major Ahmed Aboutaleb called the protest against Covid-19 restrictions in Rotterdam "an orgy of violence" and said it was "necessary" for police to use their weapons against demonstrators.

Source: - 11.20.2021

WATCH: NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Is Met at His Brooklyn Office By a Huge Crowd of Angry Protesters – Runs Away Sipping His Smoothie as Crowd Chants “No Vaccine Mandates” – (Video)
On Wednesday, the same day he was announced as the next mayor of the Big Apple, hundreds of people gathered outside his downtown Brooklyn office to protest the city’s crippling vaccine mandates.

Source: - 11.4.2021

More than 2,000 New York City firefighters out sick as vaccine mandate takes effect
claimed they were sick and didn't show up to work on Monday as the city's COVID-19 vaccine mandate for municipal workers went into effect.

Source: - 11.2.2021

Brooklyn Bridge Protest Over Vaccine Mandates
12000 Municipal workers including FDNY, NYPD, SDNY and EMS marched across the Brooklyn Bridge today to protest the vaccine mandates.

Source: (video) - 10.28.2021

OVER 12,000 Active-Duty Air Force Personnel Will Not Meet Tyrannical Government’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Deadline
And now, it’s being reported that our tyrannical government is about to force over 12,000 active-duty Air Force personnel out of the US military for failing to comply with their COVID jab mandate.
Over 12,000??? Could this culling of the military over their refusal to take a COVID jab be a continuation of the Obama-Biden plan to weaken our military?

Source: - 10.19.2021

Jen Psaki Accidentally Confirms That No Biden Federal Vaccine Mandate Actually Exists
In the course of her diatribe, however, Psaki admitted something that has been bubbling on the media backburners for some time: Biden’s vaccine mandate currently doesn’t even exist. Watch:

Source: 10.12.2021

VIDEO: Seattle Firefighters And Police Fired Over Vaccine Mandate Turn In Boots At City Hall, Feed The Homeless Outside
Some of those fired were refused medical accommodations under the mandate, including an organ transplant recipient and a pregnant woman.

Source: - 10.19.2021

Some Law Enforcement Refusing To Comply With Vaccine Mandates
New York is the latest city to require police officers, firefighters and other city workers to get vaccinated or be placed on unpaid leave.

Source: - 10.20.2021

Dozens Of Top Nuclear Scientists With "Highest Security Clearances" Being Fired From Los Alamos Lab After Vax Mandate
A last Friday deadline for Los Alamos National Lab employees to get vaccinated has come and gone, with a judge on the same day denying a request by 114 employees there to block the nuclear lab’s vaccine mandate from taking effect.

Source: - 10.19.2021

Protesters Impacted By LANL Vaccine Mandate Gather On State Route 4
In White Rock Early Monday Morning
They were protesting LANL’s policy mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees and the termination or placement in leave without pay status of an undisclosed number of employees by LANL last Friday.

Source: - 10.18.2021

World Wide Demonstration
Together, We Are Free


Protests in over 50 countries around the world today
World Wide Rally For Freedom protests against covid isolation and mandatory vaccinations continue around the world.

Source: 9.18.2021

EPIC! Massive Protests Erupt Worldwide Against COVID Vaccine Passports & Lockdown Tyranny
Tens of thousands of people are mobilizing in demonstrations in England, France, Italy, Australia, and even Finland in retaliation of their government’s announcing draconian “health passes” to determine the vaccination status of citizens.

Source: - 7.24.2021

Worldwide Freedom Protests Millions upon Millions of People Rising Up
Meanwhile, YouTube is hard at work at removing all videos that show peaceful protests around the world. Those in mainstream media have really become the enemy of freedom and the people.
There were no links to QAnon worldwide. They just make this stuff up.

Source: - 3.21.2021

3000 Chicago Police Officers Defy Illegal Vaccine Mandate
About a third of Chicago Police Department, almost 3000 officers defied the illegal vaccine mandate as it enters its first full week in effect resulting in a stalemate.

Source: - 10.19.2021

Dozens of workers at Los Alamos nuclear lab sue over vaccine mandate
The Los Alamos National Laboratory's vaccine mandate is set to take effect on Friday as dozens of workers sue over the order.
Workers at the New Mexico laboratory, which created the atomic bomb, filed a lawsuit claiming that exemptions to the mandate have been denied without proper justification, The Associated Press reported.

Source: - 10.14.2021

COVID vaccine mandate endangers military readiness, top Republican lawmaker claims
The top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee is calling for the military to immediately drop its mandate that service members be vaccinated against COVID-19, calling it a “politically motivated” decision by the administration.

Source: - 10.19.2021

Australians Being Mandated To Provide Police With Geo-Trackable Selfies To Prove They're Quarantining
A report from 9 News in Australia details how people in Victoria are now required to respond to the authorities within 5 minutes of them randomly calling by sending a selfie of themselves at home. If they fail to respond, health goons are sent to their address to dish out punishments.

Source: - 10.1.2021

Liberal Justice Sotomayor Rejects NYC Teachers' Pro-Choice Vaccine Plea
 This is going to take some serious cognitive dissonance - the most pro-choice of Supreme Court Justices just refused to block NYC's teachers' vaccine mandate that stands in direct contradiction of the 'my body, my choice' doctrine when it comes to medical intervention.

Source: - 10.6.2021

Police officer quits over vaccine mandate: 'I decided to turn in my badge so I can speak up'
California Police Sergeant David Gutierrez said he decided to turn in his badge so he could speak up against the vaccine mandate for others who cannot.

Source: Fox News - YouTube Channel

- 9.23.2021


Texas hospital CEO warns his facility might have to close because of Biden’s vaccine mandate
Rural hospitals could close down in response to a jab mandate from the federal government.

Source: 9.20.2021

Here's why members of Congress are exempt from Biden's vaccine mandate
President Joe Biden’s executive orders requiring federal employees, contractors and private employers with more than 100 workers to mandate vaccinations or weekly testing for COVID-19 exempts members of Congress, federal judges and their staffers.

Source: 9.11.2021

Australian police force group raises thousands to legally challenge Covid-19 vaccination mandate
Queensland police officers have set up a fundraising page, garnering money to hire a lawyer and challenge the mandating of vaccines for law enforcement employees.

Source: - 9.11.2021

BREAKING: Psaki says vaccine mandates are for Americans, not illegal immigrants at the southern border
"The requirement for people at a business with more than 100 people and it's not a requirement for migrants at the southern border. Why?" Doocy asked.

Source: - 9.10.2021

Republican Governors Issue Statements in Direct Opposition to Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate

Source: 9.9.2021

100 million Americans affected: Biden to mandate ALL EMPLOYERS with over 100 workers to require Covid jab or weekly tests

Source: - 9.9.2021

This brave Australian pilot is facing termination for not submitting to the company's demands of "no jab, no job."

Source: RoyalAustralian - - video- 9.4.2021

Crisis in America: Millions of Veteran Nurses are Resigning or Being Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates
The Pharma-funded corporate media would like the public to believe that nurses who refuse to be forced to take an experimental shot as a condition for employment are a small minority.
But are they? What is going to happen this Fall if the United States loses 50% or more of their nursing staffs?

Source: 9.4.2021

Military Service Members With Natural Immunity File Lawsuit Against DOD, FDA, HHS Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Source: - 9.1.2021


Source: Jim_Crenshaw - - video - 8.28.2021

Social media platform Gab launches ‘No Vax Mandate Job Board’
The alt-tech platform wants to help users find a job that does not impose a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Source: - 8.25.2021

Critical Nursing Shortages Hit Hospitals Nationwide as Nurses Quit or are Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandates
The United States is now facing a critical nursing shortage in hospitals as many nurses are quitting rather than complying with COVID vaccine mandates, or they are being fired.
We have also documented several stories this year where nurses have died or been crippled from the COVID shots.
Hospitals will soon be “overwhelmed” not because of outbreaks of COVID, but because the critical care staffing is being severely depleted by the COVID shots.

Source: - 8.18.2021

Hawaii Fire Captain Pours Heart Out Against Governor's Vaccine Mandate
Honolulu Fire Capt. Kaimi Pelekai on why he's against the Governor's vaccine mandate.

Source: KanekoaTheGreat - - video - 8.13.2021

Pentagon: Service Members Can Request Exemptions From COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
US military service members will be allowed to seek an exemption from the soon-to-be-mandated COVID-19 vaccines, which would be determined by individual military service regulations, a Pentagon spokesperson said.

Source: - 8.11.2021