South Korea Biohazard

Biohazard South Korea.
Just before the opening of the Winter Olympics 2018 a Norovirus outbreak took place in Pyeongchang. Among the affected were members of the Olympics Organizing Committee, various personnel and cafeteria workers.

The number of people affected doubled in two days. On a February 11 new cases were reported. A total of 177 people are affected.

Around 1200 security staff were quarantined and replaced by military personnel. Norovirus is a notorious stowaway on cruise ships.

It spreads through contact with infected people or contaminated food, water or surfaces.

"The number of people affected by Norovirus at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has more than doubled in just two days, reaching a total of 86, according to the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC)."

Source: - 2.9.2018

"On Thursday, officials in South Korea announced that the total number of confirmed cases of the virus was up to 128, according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s a dramatic spike from the initial 32 cases reported on Tuesday."

Source: - 2.8.2018

"2018 Winter Olympics norovirus toll reaches 177"

Source: 2.11.2018

These events at the Olympics happened in February and the current situation seems to be an increase of contamination.

January 2018. A prelude

We checked the Alertmap of RSOE EDIS. A realtime and historical overview of worldwide disasters, emergencies, events and outbreaks. Something interesting showed up.

Biological Hazard in South Korea on January 3, 8 and 28

There were 3 Biological Hazard events in South Korea in January 2018. One of the events was nearby Seoul.

Screen images from the RSOE EDIS website.

January 3

Biohazard Level 3/4 - Hight.  Disease, agent name A/H5N1

More info on RSOE EDIS

January 8

Biohazard Level 3/4 - Hight.  Disease, agent name A/H5Nx

More info on RSOE EDIS

January 28

Biohazard Level 3/4 - Hight. Disease, agent name A/H5N6

More info on RSOE EDIS

If you're a time traveller from a type of 12 Monkey's future timeline, then you know these events may have some dots to connect. If you're travelling back from Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, then you may be a carrier.