German Heroine Nurse Saves Thousands Of Lives By Using Saline Instead Of ClotShot

Name: German Heroine Nurse.
Event: Saline solution vax.
Date: 8.10.2021
Location: Germany, Earth.
News Link: - 8.10.2021

It's not clear what really happened. The lawyer of the nurse said that it was a mistake and she didn't do it on purpose. “Our client did not act out of political motivation, nor did she just give people who wanted to be vaccinated saline solution”, according to:

Never the less, this news was received as moment of resistance, by the truth movement. Whether she did it on purpose or not, the fact is that mainstream and alternative media brought this news, as if she is a vax-rebel.

May be she's one of those persons who doesn't comfortably watch movies about lone-wolf heroes, but like to be a modern times heroine her self. May be she didn't do it on purpose and mainstream media is using this story for their nefarious agenda activities.

Nurse's lawyer in Schortens rejects allegations
In the vaccination scandal in Schortens (Lower Saxony district of Friesland), the accused nurse's lawyer contradicted the previous information from the police and the district. "It is not correct that the behavior of our client ever gave vaccination doses that consisted only of saline solution, " said Wilhelmshaven lawyer Christoph Klatt on Thursday to the Evangelical Press Service (epd).
Instead, she tried to compensate for the loss of the vaccine by accidentally breaking an ampoule by drawing up the syringes with remains from several other ampoules. The "Ostfriesen-Zeitung" first reported on the lawyer’s representation.

Source: - 8.12.2021

Investigation against a nurse in Friesland
At the end of April, a registered nurse at the vaccination center in Schortens admitted that she had filled six syringes with a saline solution instead of the Biontech vaccine. As a reason she had stated that she had dropped a bottle with the vaccine. According to witness statements, however, the police assume that far more people have received saline solutions.

Source: - 8.10.2021