WHO Made Deal With China To Keep Origins Of COVID-19 Secret: The Sunday Times Report Claims

Name: WHO and China.
Event: Plandemic.
Date: 8.15.2021
Location: China, Worldwide, Earth.
News Link: dailymail.co.uk - 8.15.2021

China's secret deal with WHO to hide origins of Covid: Report claims World Health officials missed chance to stop pandemic after 'aggressive' influence campaign by Beijing led to questions about lab leak theory being dropped
This meant steering scientists away from the theory coronavirus actually escaped from a Wuhan laboratory, rather than coming from wild animals in a wet market in the city in December 2019.
The theory was initially dismissed as 'extremely unlikely' by the WHO but now experts say there might have been 'human error' at the lab. Pressure is coming from the US to look into the potential cause.

Source: dailymail.co.uk - 8.15.2021