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Event: Truck With Radioactive Material Stolen During Armed Heist in Mexico. Name: Radioactive Material, Heist, Mexico. Date: 4.12.2021. Location: Teoloyucan, Mexico, Earth. News Link: – 4.12.2021 This is not the first time a truck with radioactive material wasRead More →

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Event: Volcanic Eruption on Caribbean Island of St. Vincent Causes Blackout. Name: Volcanic Eruption, Caribbean Island of St. Vincent, Blackout. Date: 4.11.2021. Location: Island of St. Vincent, Lesser Antilles, Earth. News Link: – 4.11.2021. See also: TheRead More →

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Event: Power Grid of Iranian Nuclear Facility Hit by Blackout. Name: Iranian Nuclear Facility, Blackout. Date: 4.11.2021. Location: Natanz, Iran, Earth. News Link: – 4.11.2021. Is this also a result of the silent war a.k.a. World WarRead More →

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Event: Florida State of Emergency: 6M Gallons Radioactive Water Flood. Name: Florida, State of Emergency, Radioactive Water. Date: 4.4.2021. Location: Florida, U.S.A., Earth. News Link: – 4.4.2021. Let’s hope and pray this Easter Egg wont break. LedRead More →

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Event: Truck With Uranium Cargo Crashes in North Carolina, U.S.A. Name: Truck, Uranium Cargo, North Carolina. Date: 4.1.2021. Location: North Carolina, U.S.A., Earth. News Link: – 4.1.2021. Trucks, Trains, Oil, Ships and Satellites … See also: EverRead More →

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Suez Ever Given Green Canal Gate

What’s the story behind the Ever Given container ship? Are the rumors of human trafficking based on real facts? What about the White Hats and the Black Hats? The Evergreen cargo truck blockade? The exploding satellite andRead More →

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Event: E.T. Organism Captured and Studied in Portugal 1959. Name: E.T. , Captured, Portugal, 1959. Date: 8.10.2017. Location: Portugal, Earth. News Link: – 8.10.2017. The Being of Evora: An Extraterrestrial Organism alive, captured and studied in PortugalRead More →

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Event: In 2016 AstraZeneca Paid $6 in Fines After Fake Conferences to Bribe Docs. Name: AstraZeneca, Fake Conferences, Bribe Doctors. Date: 8.31.2016. Location: United States of America, Earth. News Link: – 8.31.2016. An old news article fromRead More →

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Event: The Hill: “Biden Hologram Can Handle His Public Speeches”. Name: The Hill, Biden, Hologram. Date: 3.10.2021. Location: United States of America, Earth. News Link: – 3.10.2021. What’s going on? The Hill has published an article: ‘Maybe aRead More →

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