Christmas Dinner Cancelled for Brits Because of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Shortage for Meat?

Name: Christmas Dinner for Brits.
Event: Cancelled Because of (CO2) Shortage for Meat.
Date: 9.19.2021.
Location: United Kingdom, Earth.
News Link: - 9.19.2021.

Is this the New Normal?

Christmas dinner could be cancelled as Brits face meat shortage ‘in two weeks’
There are fears that Christmas dinner could be ‘cancelled’, thanks to a shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2), the UK’s biggest poultry supplier has warned.
The unprecedented rise in gas prices has forced the closures of two large fertiliser plants in Teesside and Cheshire, which supply CO2 produced as a by-product to the food industry.

Source: - 9.19.2021.