The Strange Case of the Disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in New Guinea in 1961

Name: Michael Rockefeller.
Event: Disappearance.
Date: 1961.
Location: Territory of Netherlands New Guinea (1949–1962), Earth.
News Link: - March 2014

A story that could be an inspiration for a new Netflix series.
The son of a very rich New York Governor travels to the wilderness, into the jungle of New Guinea.
And suddenly he disappears. Rumors surface, but no word from the young art collecting student, no trace.
Priests, colonists cannibals and ministers. All are playing an important role in this mystery.

An interesting article in Smithsonianmag. It's a long read, with lots of interwoven storylines.
At the beginning of this article you can see a black and white family portrait. Forest Gump is standing in the middle.

What Really Happened to Michael Rockefeller
On December 21, the governor of Dutch New Guinea cabled the Dutch minister of the interior. The cable is marked “secret” and “destroy,” but part of it remains in the Dutch government archives in the Hague. It outlines what the two priests reported and says: ...

Source: - March 2014