Bio Weapon Rip Deal – The Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

In his latest video broadcast Simon Parkes not only reveals the origin of the pandemic, he also gives advise and in depth information regarding the COVID-19 bioweapon.

It's hard to know what is really going on in this world full of information overload, fake news, organizations and corporations pushing hidden agendas. Fortunately the world has an increase of people looking for a truth in all the chaos and confusion.

SSimon Parkes is a well known and respected person in the so called truth communityIt's not a real official community but individuals all over the world doing their part trying to inform and guide people during these times of global transformation on this timeline. He's is a person who knows things because he's in the know, meaning that he gets information from certain people who work at places with classified information. Of course we don't know who or what but we can imagine these people are from government agencies, black projects and (secret) organizations. Some call them: White Hats. And the bad guys are called Black Hats.

You can get to know more about Simon Parkes and his background via his own website and various videos. Once in the two weeks he has a radio broadcast that is uploaded to YouTube afterwards. You can send an e-mail via his website to ask a question that he may answer during the radio show. He gets lots of e-mails and of course therefore he and his team must pick out just a few questions. The subjects that are being talked about during his radio shows vary from the mysterious and metaphysical to down to Earth intel information on world events, such as the pandemic.

In his latest video broadcast of today 3.14.2020 he talks about the origins of the COVID-19 outbreak. He says that the bio weapon virus was designed to survive on surfaces for a long period of time. And this is one of the main reasons that the virus is spreading at a rapid pace. We recommend you to watch his latest video and follow his news blog.

Audio to text transcription
From the Simon Parkes YouTube video of 3.14.2020

The transcript is from time stamp ⇒ 3.32 to ⇒ 6.14 in the video.

"... This virus which was designed as a biological weapon was released from this laboratory unwittingly.
And I can go a little way as to how that... how it played out... how it worked.
A person who worked at the laboratory was offered a great deal of money for this virus. And it was a man and he went out... and he said he would meet these individuals in the marketplace in Wuhan. Simply because he wanted to be in an open space where's lots of other people. And if things went wrong he could easily disappear into the crowd.
So this meeting took place. He had a vile. A glass vile about four inches long with the culture in it. And he was trying to agree a price with this individual... the... I haven't got the ins and outs as to quiet what happened. But we understand that a price was not agreed.
But the... agent... the individual who was trying to buy this bio weapon then shot and killed the employee from this laboratory.
And we got two versions. One version is; as he fell... the guy fell, the vile was underneath him and smashed. The other version I got from witnesses is that when he fell, it fell out of his hand and hit the stone floor... and smashed.
Either way the glass vile smashed and the virus was released.
So the Chinese authorities are correct to say that it started in the marketplace. Yes it did.
But it... I can absolutely categorically tell you that it is not because somebody ate an animal that was infected with this.
This is a biological weapon that was suppose to be secure in this facility and was brought out without authorization.
The Chinese government know the full story... and that is why you see these great huge machines driving down the streets, shooting chemical sprays into the air like some crazy fountain. And why so many other countries are taking these very very stiff measures... "

Source: Simon Parkes. 3.14.2020 on YouTube ⇒

The Pros and Cons of the Bio Weapon Rip Deal Theory

We do very much respect and appreciate the work of Simon Parkes but there are still some questions regarding the Rip Deal of the bio weapon.

The Pros
  • China is often not very open about it's doings. If the outbreak was not as serious as it seems to be, if it was just a flu, then China would not have blow the whistle and inform other countries. They would rather fix the problem them self. After the first reports of an outbreak China seem to have acted quick and very serious, which in case of a bio weapon is important of course as Simon Parkes also mentioned:

... that is why you see these great huge machines driving down the streets, shooting chemical sprays into the air ...

  • Large companies and multinationals make financial loses due to the pandemic, which is not necessary a good thing, but it seems that many (CEOs of) companies are involved in the agenda of world domination. They seem not benefit of the situation (yet).
  • The way the virus is spreading seems to be more aggressive and severe compared to a normal virus. It can also live longer outside the host, compared to a normal virus. Not only according to Simon but other news as well. This could very much indeed indicate that it's in fact a bio weapon (that's what we thought and also wrote about in our previous articles).
  • The rip deal story may look and sound like a movie. A Wuhan laboratory employee that just wanted some extra cash and decided to steal a bio weapon virus from the facility where he works. And a mysterious agent or gangster who's face can't be seen during the rip deal scene, because the dim lighting in that place. A messy, crowded and noisy Asian market full of exotic animals. Of course we don't know what the motives were of the lab employee, the color of the Fedora hat of the mystery agent and how that market place may have look like. We do know that life often is stranger than fiction. Certainly these last days in a corona daze. This story may sound too much movie but... we do all know that these things like rip deals and gangster agents happen for real and bio weapons are being developed in laboratories on planet Earth.

Novel Coronavirus Can Live on Some Surfaces for Up to 3 Days, New Tests Show

The new coronavirus can live in the air for several hours and on some surfaces for as long as two to three days, tests by U.S. government and other scientists have found.

Source: - 3.11.2020

The Cons
  • In a previous video Simon said that it was a biological weapon aimed at China to slow down the Chinese economy. This is not necessary a con because the bio weapon theory still exist and is very valid. But he did not mention anything regarding this deal in his previous radio shows, which not a con neither. We all depend on information often and sometimes new information is added or info is changed like in this case.
  • The various corona pandemic simulations in year 2019 prior to the actual pandemic.
  • The roll out of 5G in Wuhan prior to the outbreak and the symptoms of illness people have from 5G that resembles a flu. The same with other cities where 5G has been rolled out.
  • The various patents on a corona virus and other viruses.
  • The strange and perhaps suspicious predictions of Mr. Gates in the media, prior to the outbreak.
  • The DEFENDER 2020 mass military exercise happening in Europe at this very moment.

Of course these could all be coincidences. But during a situation like this, things can be seen in a different (day) light.

A corona virus simulation just a few months before an outbreak is somewhat suspicious, knowing that other global events also had simulations before the actual event or even on the day of an event itself, like it was with 911. If we want to know what really happened we must examine all pieces of the puzzle.

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Timing of 11

As you know many global events have a signature. Often a number signature. The best and most famous example is 911. Not only the number of the date but the many number 11 and 9 featuring in various aspects of the 911 event.

The WHO - World Health Organisation declared the COVID-19 an official global pandemic as of March 3, 2020.

The Japan earthquake and tsunami that caused the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in 2011 was also on March 11.  And the train bombings in Madrid in 2004, also March 11. What are the odds?

You can read more about this significant date 311 (March 3) in connection with number codes in this article:
311 The Day of the Pandemic – The COVID-19 911 Code ⇒

And why would the agent shoot the lab employee, knowing that he has a glass vile in his hand, which can break when it falls and that's what happened. If the agent or the people the agent works for, wanted a controlled outbreak then this was not succeeded.
Or they did succeed in some way since there's was an outbreak which is now a pandemic.

May be they were planning to release the bio weapon on 311?