China: Increasing Number of Unknown Objects in the Sky. Military Uses A.I. to Track UFOs

Name: Unknown Objects in the Sky.
Event: Military Uses A.I. to Track UFOs
Date: 6.4.2021
Location: People's Republic of China (PRC), Earth.
News Link: South China Morning Post - - 6.4.2021.

There seem to be an increase of UFO disclosure in the year 2021.
China is also disclosing UFOs.

Could an (fake) alien invasion be a distraction at the right moment, just before mainstream media starts to publish about the Wuhan lab experiments?

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China military uses AI to track rapidly increasing UFOs
As the Pentagon prepares its report into UFOs, due later this month, Chinese military researchers have turned to artificial intelligence to track and analyse the increasing number of unknown objects in China’s airspace.

Source: South China Morning Post - - 6.4.2021.