Guam Fireball – Saskatoon Meteor – Russian Satellite Hit

A Russian satellite was hit by a micrometeorite. A few days later a fireball was spotted over Guam at night. And today another fireball was spotted above Saskatoon.

On December 18, 2019 a the Russian weather observation satellite Meteor-M N2-2 was hit by a micrometeorite. The news surfaced on December 24 but the the event was reported on December 18. After the satellite was hit it lost control and changed its orbit. Then it started to rotate and there's no further report about its fate.

Meteor-M N2-2 is a polar-orbit weather satellite used to properly obtain information for weather forecasts and control over the ozone layer and radiation environment in circumterrestrial space.

Source: - 25.12.2019


 The textbook operations of Meteor-M 2-2 wouldn’t last long, though, and as is often the case, an amateur radio operator was among the first to notice. Dmitry Pashkov (R4UAB), a satellite monitoring fan, had been capturing images from weather satellites for years.

Source: - 27.12.2019

Guam Fireball

On friday December 27, 2019 a fireball was seen in the night sky of Guam, a US territory in the western pacific.
It was recorded around 11:25pm and it appeared to have landed North East of Saipan waters, according to Kuam News.

While a UFO theory predictably cropped up among the believers, most observers agree it was either a meteor or a piece of space junk – most likely a Chinese booster re-entering the atmosphere following the Long March 5 rocket launch earlier in the day.

Source: - 29.12.2019

"Around 11:25pm a possible meteorite was recorded. It appeared to have landed NE of Saipan waters. There has been no ground impact recorded at this time. There are no reports of tsunami impacts to the Marianas at this time."

Source: Kuam News - Twitter - 12.27.2019

Fireball over Guam mistaken for North Korean missile, UFO

“There have been numerous sightings and videos of bright light breaking up over the skies of Saipan and Guam. Based on the videos, it is probably a meteorite breaking up in the sky as it enters the earth’s atmosphere. Some residents also reported hearing explosion during this incident and it is not uncommon. Another possibility is this could be debris from an earlier Chinese rocket or booster test,” the National Weather Service said on its Facebook page.

Source: - 28.12.2019

Guam's skies have a history of UFOs

On New Year’s Day, 1957, a white light appeared from the west and flew beneath 1st Lt. Ted Brunson’s aircraft while he was flying over open ocean near Guam.

Source: - 2.27.2016

Blue Glow Saskatoon Fireball

On the 30th of December 2019 a meteor crossed the sky of Saskatoon just after 11:30 p.m.
There will be more objects visible the coming days. The Quadrantids meteor shower will be visible.

A meteor entering the atmosphere above the city just after 11:30 p.m. was caught on film by some doorbell cameras.

An expert told Global News that the technical term for the bright meteor is a “fireball.”

Source: - 12.30.2019