Water has been found on planet Mars! Again! Is this a Mandela Effect or a 911 code? On 12.12.2019 the mainstream media announced that water has been found on Mars ‘less than an INCH below the Martian surface’. That’s some news. Officially it doesn’t rain on Mars and somehow the planet has water just beneath the surface. Where does it come from? The ice deposits deep down in caves, the same as in the 80’s movie Total Recall? Perhaps, but for now the news is talking about “chunks of frozen water hidden less than an inch below the surface of the Red Planet”. It’s notRead More →

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AI can ‘help us move mountains’ for people and planet, Watson developer says by Erik Hoffner on 28 March 2018 – Mongabay.com IBM Master Developer Neil Sahota believes artificial intelligence (AI) can help humanity ‘move mountains’ in terms of improving lives and the environment. Sahota helped develop Watson, the supercomputer which is now being used in a variety of useful ways, like predicting crop yields for farmers in Africa. In this interview with Mongabay, he shares multiple examples of AI being used by actors ranging from the UN to NASA and NGOs, for good. Neil Sahota is an IBM Master Inventor and World Wide Business Development LeaderRead More →

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is three times the size of France and growing, study finds “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an enormous swatch of trillions of pieces of plastic and trash floating somewhere between California and Hawaii – is already three times the size of France and growing fast, according to a new report published in Scientific Reports.” – Source: Foxnews.com – 4.7.2018 Photo: Plastic waste pollution on Singapore beach. World Wide Water News Updates Last update: 5.2.2018 Flaw found in water treatment method: Process may generate harmful chemicals – sciencedaily.com – 5.2.2018  Scientists Confirm Water Trapped Inside Diamonds Deep Below Earth’s Surface – scienceblog.com –Read More →

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