China: Possible First Case of Human H10N3 Bird Flu Infection

Name: H10N3 Bird Flu.
Event: Possible Infection.
Date: 6.1.2021
Location: Jiangsu province, China.
News Link: - 6.1.2021.

H10 N3

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It´s interesting to see the Hieroglyphs for: H1 and N3 in the Gardiner’s Sign List Of Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

China reports human case of H10N3 bird flu, a possible first
But unlike with coronaviruses, there are global influenza surveillance systems that watch for human cases of bird flu, since a strain named H5N1 cropped up in the late 1990s in Hong Kong’s crowded live-poultry markets.

Source: - 6.1.2021