World’s Largest Meat Supplier Hit by Cyber Attack: 9 Beef Plants Shut Down

Name: JBS USA World's Largest Meat Supplier.
Event: Cyber Attack.
Date: 6.2.2021
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: - 6.2.2021.

The Bio Industry is truly bad for the Earth and harmonic resonance of all.
But a cyber attack, in this case, has nothing to do with animal welfare. It's one of many sabotages, going on worldwide.
You can find the overview here: Category Power Outage / Black Out / Sabotage

JBS USA, world's largest meat supplier, shuts down 9 beef plants after cyberattack; 'vast majority' of plants to open Wednesday
Earlier, Bloomberg reported JBS has halted processing at its five biggest beef plants in the US, which handle more than 22,000 cattle a day. And Reuters reported JBS had stopped livestock slaughter at plants in several states.

Source: - 6.2.2021.