Iran War Ship Mystery Fire, Sinks in Gulf of Oman – D.E.W. Attack?

Name: Kharg, Iranian Navy Vessel.
Event: Mystery fire. Possible DEW.
Date: 6.2.2021
Location: Gulf of Oman, Earth.
News Link: - 6.2.2021.

We have seen the D.E.W. (Direct Energy Weapon) attacks on forests in America, causing large fires. People have photographed, filmed and witnessed laser beams from the sky, causing these fires. You can look for it on the web, if it's still online, after the censorship waves.

Was this event in the Gulf of Oman also a D.E.W. attack? The silent war? Whatever it is: most people don't want any war. They just want to live their lives.
And this is a good thing, because we can now enter a new timeline.
Thank you.

Iran warship catches fire and sinks in Gulf of Oman, say local agencies
Iranian officials offered no cause for the fire, but it follows a series of mysterious explosions targeting ships in the Gulf of Oman that began in 2019. The US later accused Iran of targeting the ships with limpet mines.

Source: - 6.2.2021.