South Africa: Humans Used Crystals 2 Million Years Ago

Name: South African Crystals.
Event: Crystals Used.
Date: 6.2.2021
Location: South Africa, Earth.
News Link: - 4.26.2021.

The story from the media is about the oldest home in history. We are interested in the crystal part of this story.
Media says that these are: "useless crystals".
No crystal is useless.

There may be some crystals in your watch, mobile device or you're one of the people on Earth that works with the resonance of crystals.

Archaeologists Find Oldest Home in Human History, Dating to 2 Million Years Ago
Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa also houses the first known fire use, and another collection of useless crystals – but this one is half a million years old.

Source: - 4.26.2021.