Power Outage / Black Out / Sabotage

An overview of news on power outages, blackouts and attempts of sabotage.

Event: India – Police Suspects Cyber Attack in October 2020 Power Outage. Name: India, Cyber Attack, Power Outage. Date: 3.2.2021. Location: Mumbai, India, Earth. News Link: hindustantimes.com – 3.2.2021. Maharashtra cyber police suspects cyber attack behind Mumbai power outageRead More →

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Event: U.S. – 2nd Co-Op City Power Outage, Same Building in NYC. Name: New York City, Power Outage. Date: 2.28.2021. Location: New York, United States of America, Earth. News Link: newyork.cbslocal.com – 2.28.2021. 2nd Co-Op City Power Outage AffectsRead More →

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Event: U.S. – Power Outage in Lakeview. Name: Lakeview, Power Outage. Date: 2.26.2021. Location: Lakeview, United States of America, Earth. News Link: nola.com – 2.26.2021. More than 6,000 homes without power in Lakeview, Entergy reports The outage began aroundRead More →

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Event: Mexico: State Secrecy on December 2020 Power Outage Details. Name: Mexico, Secrecy, Power Outage. Date: 2.25.2021. Location: Mexico, Earth. News Link: mexiconewsdaily.com – 2.25.2021. During these times of power outages, strange news from Mexico surfaced on the Internet.Read More →

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Event: China: Man is Doing Sit-Ups on a Utility Pole, Causes Giant Blackout. Name: Sit-up Man, Blackout, China. Date: 2.24.2021. Location: People’s Republic of China (PRC), Earth. News Link: courrier-picard.fr – 2.24.2021. It may sound funny, this type ofRead More →

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Event: Money Transfer System for Financial Institutions of the Fed Reserve is Down. Name: U.S. Federal Reserve. Date: 2.24.2021. Location: Unites States of America, Earth. News Link: sputniknews.com – 2.24.2021. Interesting News Flash during these times of rumors regardingRead More →

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Event: U.S. – Airplane Engine Fire, Scattering Debris on Houses. Name: U.S. Airplane engine fire, debris on houses. Date: 2.21.2021. Location: Denver, Unites States of America, Earth. News Link: rt.com – 2.21.2021. Almost exactly the same event happened inRead More →

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Event: Netherlands – Airplane Engine Fire, Scattering Debris on Houses. Name: Netherlands, Airplane Engine Fire, Debris on Houses. Date: 2.20.2021. Location: The Netherlands, Europe, Earth. News Link: 1limburg.nl – 2.20.2021. A few hours after this event in the Netherlands, almostRead More →

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Event: France: Power Outage in Paris. Name: Paris,  Power Outage. Date: 2.17.2021. Location: Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis, France, Europe, Earth. News Link: bfmtv.com – 2.17.2021. ÎLE-DE-FRANCE: NEARLY 100,000 HOMES DEPRIVED OF ELECTRICITY THIS WEDNESDAY BECAUSE OF A BLACKOUT The power cut,Read More →

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Event: Bug Caused Power Outage in Nordstadt, Germany. Name: Germany,  Bug, Power Outage. Date: 2.17.2021. Location: Nordstadt, Germany, Europe, Earth. News Link: mt.de – 2.17.2021. Power failure in Nordstadt – bug fixed The line is now being measured in orderRead More →

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