Canadian Government Blocks all Social Media Postings

Name: Canadian Government vs Freedom Movement.
Event: Social Media Blackout.
Date: 2.14.2022.
Location: Canada, Earth, Space.
News Link: - 2.14.2022.

It's getting 1984 style in Canada.

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Canadian Government BLOCKS all Social Media Postings - No information can get out of Canada via Social Media
As part of their "Emergency Act" powers, the Canadian government has BLOCKED all social media posts originating from inside of Canada. Twitter, Facebook, etc., have been affected by the block.
Users can post, but what they post WILL NOT APPEAR on any feeds, anywhere if their originating IP address is located in CANADA.
Users are (for now) getting around this limitation by using Virtual Private Networks (VPN's).

Source: - 2.14.2022.