Power Outage on Australia’s Largest Warship During Humanitarian Mission

Name: Australian Navy frigate HMAS Adelaide.
Event: Power outage.
Date: 1.31.2022.
Location: Australia, Earth, Space.
News Link: sputniknews.com - 1.31.2022.

Australia's Largest Warship Suffers Power Failure During Humanitarian Mission
The warship was "stranded" for some time because of a power failure, including the backup power, that is why most of the crew were sleeping "above deck", the broadcaster said, citing sources onboard.

On 21 January, the authorities announced that HMAS Adelaide would be sent to Tonga with humanitarian aid consisting of water, tents, and protective equipment, following an underwater volcanic eruption and tsunami.

Source: sputniknews.com - 1.31.2022.