The New Old U.S.A. and the End of The U.S. Corporation? – UPDATE 4.5.2021 – Where is Harris ?

Update 4.5.2021 | You may have heard about the rumors surrounding the White House siege, the elections, the 45  and a usurper in a decorated room.

The 45 is: President Donald J. Trump. The president, still. What happened was a fraudulent U.S. election. We know we can be banned on social media for saying this. And that is already something to wonder: why all this censorship in so called free countries, worldwide? Not only the POTUS was censored around the time of the elections, many scientists, doctors and other people are being censored or even silenced these days. Updates are in red.

Are These Rumors?

There's a lot of evidence of voter fraud, you can find it online but it's may be a hard find since all the censorship.
And perhaps that's why the censorship by those who don't want you to see what's really going on. What's really going on is clearly to see for those who have been following the series of events, months prior to the elections until present time. And for those people, some questions are already answered, such as:

  • Why is the so called new president Biden not having meetings with other world leaders?
    Only one virtual meeting at the Munich Security Conference and one with the Canadian PM, as far as we know. Further no virtual meetings with other world leaders.

Biden holds first foreign meeting with Canada's Justin Trudeau - - 2.23.2021

Remarks by President Biden at the 2021 Virtual Munich Security Conference - - 2.19.2021

How Biden fared in his (virtual) global debut as US President - - 2.21.2021

"America is back," Biden tells Munich Security Conference
- 2.19.2021

Biden to speak at virtual meeting of world’s major economies - February 2021

  • Why is the so called vice president Harris still not living in the White House?

Where Is Kamala Harris? VP Missing For 12 Days Since Taking Charge Of Border Crisis
Even though she has been keeping mum on the issue, Harris has been actively tweeting about other topics using her official Twitter account.

Many netizens are furious as she is not addressing the border issue.

"What about the Southern Border mess? Have you thought about that? Have you and Joe gone to the Southern Border to see how bad it is? I doubt it," one tweeted.

Source: - 5.4.2021

Inside Blair House: Kamala Harris’s historic temporary home in Washington DC
In aligning with tradition, the Vice President will move into the Number One Observatory Circle shortly. This Queen Anne style mansion is in the northeast of the US Naval Observatory grounds and is the official residence of the Vice President.
However, the home is currently undergoing repairs, meaning Kamala Harris and her husband have the rare opportunity to briefly reside in one of the most exquisite addresses in the entire country.

Source: - 2.3.2021

Take a look inside Blair House, Vice President Kamala Harris' temporary home in D.C.
Vice President Kamala Harris has made a quick transition to her new role in Washington, but she and second gentleman Doug Emhoff won’t be settling into their official residence for a while.
That’s because the official VP’s home at the U.S. Naval Observatory in northwestern Washington, D.C., is undergoing maintenance ordered by the Navy.

Source: - 1.25.2021

Maybe a Biden hologram can handle his public speeches
Joe Biden isn’t a hologram. But the relative absence from the public stage of a newly elected U.S. president and leader of the free world is sparking no small amount of speculation and chatter ...

Source: - 3.10.2021.

Biden's Head Disappears on Video, Fueling Speculation of Hologram Being Used for His Appearances
A clip appears to show the top of President Joe Biden's head disappear for a few seconds before magically reappearing in what seems like a glitch.

Source: - 3.11.2021.

Psaki defends Biden’s weekend Delaware trips, says he ‘lives in Wilmington’
A reporter pressed Psaki at her daily press briefing on whether Biden was setting a poor example on “personal travel during the pandemic” when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging people to avoid non-essential trips.

“Well, the president lives in Wilmington. It’s his home. That’s where he’s lived for many, many years,” Psaki said.

Source: - 3.4.2021.

See also: Jen Psaki - The 34th and current White House press secretary -

Report: Joe Biden’s Dogs Moved Out Of White House After ‘Biting Incident’
The two German shepherds belonging to President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were sent back to the family’s Delaware home after the younger dog, Major, displayed aggressive behavior towards staff and bit a member of the White House security team, CNN reported Tuesday.

Source: - 3.9.2021.

What happened?

Did Biden's dogs live without Biden in the White House?
And now his dogs will be send to his real house in Wilmington, where Biden lives.

Or is Vanityfair right when they say that his dogs were not removed from the White House?
Or is this another example that the mainstream narrative is showing cracks? That they are having a hard time trying to glue together a story about Biden, supposedly living in the White House?


  • Why is Biden not flying with the real Air Force One and Marine One? 

  • Why is Biden not speaking at the annual Stat of the Union address in 2021?

Why Is Biden First President Since 1981 To Not Give First SOTU Speech By End Of February?…
Will Kamala Have To Step In?
President Joe Biden should have already given his first State of the Union address. Why is the media ignoring the clear obfuscation of the long-held tradition for an “elected” President to address the nation before the end of February?

Source: - 3.1.2021


Source: THE_HIGH_COMMAND on Bitchute  - 2.6.2021



  • Why are the lights off in White House?

Walking to the White House to Confirm if it Turns Dark at 11PM
Most of you have mentioned that the White House turns dark at 11PM every night. I didn't want to believe that statement. This video captures walking to the White House to confirm if it turns dark at 11PM.

Source: Walk Ride Fly on YouTube  - 2.9.2021

See also:
LIGHTS OUT AT THE WHITE HOUSE - WAIT FOR IT...  - PatriotArmory on Bitchute - 2.5.2021

  • Why were the Bidens Locked Outside the W.H. on Inauguration Day ?

Bidens were locked outside White House on Inauguration Day
The Bidens were momentarily locked outside the White House in an awkward moment on Inauguration Day on Wednesday, possibly due to a final "petty" act by the Trump administration.

Source: - 1.23.2021

Why the Bidens Were Locked Out of the White House
The Bidens were standing out in the cold, waiting to be let into their new home, the White House, as everyone wondered why the doors were shut. Turns out, the chief usher who had been hired by Trump in 2017 was fired just hours before the Bidens arrived. The new first family reportedly wanted a chief usher with no ties to Trump.

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube   - 22.1.2021

  • Why is there still a large fence around the White House and many army personnel and vehicles?
    The White House looks more guarded than Checkpoint Charlie.

  • Where are the Biden fans and memes?
    On social media we can't find them. We did a Google search for 'Biden meme' and only found memes making jokes about Biden him, we didn't find any pro-Biden meme. At rallies and speeches of Biden you can perhaps see a few people. Are they really fans? Yes, there are many anti Trump things in the mainstream media and social media, but it seems to decrease. Are the anti Trump people also fan of Biden?Some memes we found on the world wide web:

Change of Biden's Plans? Questions Raised Over 'Missing' White House Marine Sentry
One White House pool correspondent made an eyebrow-raising observation on Monday: there was no Marine sentry standing outside the West Wing that morning. The guard should usually be present at his post when the US President is inside the Oval Office.

Source: - 2.23.2020

A meme from the Internet.

Worldwide Patriots

Thanks to research and hard work of many patriots worldwide, we now have more insights as to what's really going on.

And when connecting all dots surrounding all these events, one can perhaps come to the conclusion that it's not all rumors.

You decide for yourself.

The U.S. Corporation

The following is mostly from a Dutch website. It describes clearly what is really going on. - 2.14.2021

Herstel de Republiek means: Restore the Republic.

Washington D.C. - District Columbia - was a wholly owned subsidiary company or daughter company of the Vatican
Washington DC's filed for bankruptcy in 2015 was settled on November 2, 2020. Washington DC no longer exists and with that the original American republic has been restored according to the 1781 Constitution. Elections were also held unlawfully and are therefore invalid.
Joe Biden is the CEO of nothing and all of his actions are illegal. All the news we get about the US government is fake news, all the images we see are acting performances of dubious level. The actors are fully controlled by the Defense in the Pentagon and finally Trump as 19 e President of the restored American Constitutional Republic in 1776.

Source: - 2.14.2021

Background- Creation of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION
At the end of the Civil war congress reconvened and passed what was called the United States Reorganization act of 1871, also known as the Act to provide a municipal government for the District of Columbia. However, this government was different; it was structured as a foreign owned CORPORATION and called the UNITED STATES! It even adopted the Republic constitution but changed only one word. They changed the word Constitution FOR the United States, to the Constitution OF the United States.
Therefore this change made the constitution a possession of the government corporation and NOT the possession of the people. The only power this government had was to govern over matters of COMMERCE within the District of Columbia. What we call STATE OF (YOUR STATE), is actually a SUB corporation of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION engaged in matters of commerce. This STATE is not to be confused with the Union State of (your State), which is part of the original pre-Civil war Republic. Therefore, the UNITED STATES (Corp) is foreign to the Union States as its geographic boundaries are restricted to the land area of the District of Columbia. This distinction has been recognized in numerous court cases before the U.S. Supreme court. Don't take our word for it, read from the book Cooperative Federalism by Gerald Brown, Ed.D.


The Pope Suddenly Disappeared?

Things are getting more strange...  There's a television news report of the Pope suddenly disappearing from the balcony at the Vatican. Some people say this if proof that the Pope is taken off the world state and what we actually see is a hologram of the Pope.

And also:
Pope Francis’ personal doctor has died of Covid-19 complications - -  1.11.2021

Video Shows Pope Disappearing Into Thin Air On TV
On April 13, Twitter user @bernieonthebus posted a video from WWMT, a CBS/CW station in Kalamazoo, Michigan, of Pope Francis in the window above St. Peter’s Square, waving to what should be no one, and then turning and walking back in … except, before he disappear by walking out of camera range, the image of the pope vanishes abruptly.

Source: Tales From Out There on YouTube  - 4.16.2020

Vatican Cardinal Who Warned Against Evils of the ‘Deep State’ Removed by Pope Francis
Warning that western civilization is living in its “mortal hour,” Sarah said that just like during the collapse of the Roman Empire, “The elites care for nothing but increasing the luxury of their daily lives, and the people have been anaesthetized by every more vulgar entertainments.”
Given these statements, it’s unsurprising that the Pope, who is an avowed globalist, acted to remove Sarah and prevent him from becoming future Pope.
ZSource: - 2.23.2021

Secret Door in the Studio ?

A video meme. Source:

Many people refer to him as: Sniffing Joe. This meme shows why.

Fact Check ?

Fact check organizations didn't exists a few years ago. The need for so called fact checking is coming from those who wants to control the mainstream news narrative. And when news or a rumor gets fact checked, is because too many people are busy with that news or rumor.

The same with the Biden White House story. Mainstream media needs to fact check this, because too many people are asking questions as to what's really going on at the White House ?

Fact check: Debunking claims that Biden’s Oval Office is a fake movie set
Social media users have shared photos of President Joe Biden in the Oval Office, claiming they provide proof that the office is fake or a film set. The “evidence” includes a supposed change in wallpaper, allegedly darkened windows and claims that former President Trump is walking in the background outside the office.

Source: - 1.26.2021

The New Old United States of America

"Washington DC no longer exists and with that the original American republic has been restored according to the 1781 Constitution."

Looking at the strange things happening these days regarding the U.S. presidency and elections,
we may think that these things may be real when it comes to a New Old United States of America?

See also: 

1871 They turned us into a corporation. In 2019 we were set free - GottaDanceNow on Rumble  - 1.26.2021