Loud Boom And Shaking Ground In Tennessee. Underground Activity?

Name: Tennessee. Underground Activity?
Event: Loud Boom And Shaking Ground.
Date: 9.7.2021.
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: sputniknews.com - 9.7.2021.

Another sign of the underground war, the 'silent' war?


'Loud Explosion', Shaking Ground Puzzles Authorities in Tennessee
"Unknown phenomena" of some sort has occurred in Montgomery County, Tennessee late last Saturday, WKRN-TV reports.
According to the media outlet, Clarksville police said that on that day at around 21:50, the 911 Dispatch Center received calls about a "loud explosion" and some of the callers said they felt the ground shaking.
Although the calls came from "all over" the county, the law enforcement said no damage had been reported.

Source: sputniknews.com - 9.7.2021.