White House Press Secretary. Psaki: “Vaccines… They Can Still Kill You”

Name: Psaki, WH Press Secretary.
Event: "Vaccines... They Can Still Kill You."
Date: 7.15.2021
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: rt.com - 7.15.2021

Many people love to watch Kayleigh McEnany, the former WH press secretary, during Trump's presidency.
She got the looks, when it comes to facial geometric aspects. She has the frequency of voice. And she's a smart and fast thinker.

Jen Psaki is the current sort of press secretary, during the usurper show. Psaki made a bold move while speaking to the  press. She said something very odd, in these times of censorship.
May be she's into 5D chess?

Malfunction at the podium? Psaki announces vaccines ‘can still kill you’ in eyebrow-raising slip-up
“We are quite focused on communicating directly with those people, hence our special guest today, about why it’s important to get vaccinated, why these vaccines are safe, why they can still kill you even if you are under the age of 27,” Psaki declares, seemingly unaware there is anything odd about her words before concluding:
"We need to be clear and direct about our messaging."

Source: rt.com - 7.15.2021