Being A Free Spirit Is A Sign Of High IQ – The Asch Conformity Experiment

Name: The Asch conformity experiment. High IQ.
Event: Free Spirit Being.
Date: 7.24.2021
Location: Worldwide, Earth.
News Link: - 7.24.2021

An interesting news report, especially during these times of censorships and pΙandemics.

A Special Sign That You Have A High IQ
Being a free spirit and refusing to conform with others is a sign of high IQ, research finds.
People with higher intelligence are less likely to follow the crowd, preferring to make their own decisions.
As a species, humans are remarkably open to social influence: people like to copy others, feeling that there is safety in numbers.
However, the effect can be damaging as some will deny their own senses to go along with others.
Instead, those with higher IQs only follow the crowd strategically...
... In other words, many people preferred to be in the majority, rather than to be correct.
However, more intelligent people were less likely to go along with the majority.
The classic study on social influence was carried out by Professor Solomon Asch almost 70 years ago.
He found that 76% of people denied their own senses at least once to go along with others.

Source: - 7.24.2021

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