Oakland And Denver Zoos Injecting Animals With COVID-19 Spike Proteine Vax

Name: Oakland And Denver Zoos.
Event: Injecting Animals With COVID-19 Spike Proteine Vax.
Date: 7.13.2021
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: naturalnews.com - 7.13.2021

Is this the beginning of the zombie population, acting strange, injecting animals with poison?
Or is this part of Idiocracy?

It's insane.

MIND-BLOWING: Oakland and Denver zoos giving COVID-19 spike protein vaccines to animals – including bears, gorillas, tigers and mountain lions
(Natural News) With zero science to back up giving zoo animals China virus jabs, and zero animals testing positive for Covid, the Oakland Zoo and Denver Zoo are both moving forward, shooting up animals with toxic “inoculations” that cause blood clots and heart inflammation in humans. There are also no records of any animals transmitting Covid to humans, but since some pharma group “donated” a bunch of poisonous jabs to some zoos, they figure why not add to the chaos and paranoia, and juice them up.
Only a handful of animals have tested positive for Covid-19 and with all these fake and false positives from the PCR tests, who’s to know if any of it is even real.
It’s time to call out the CDC and the FDA on all their “evidence-based” and “science-backed” claims about medicine and virus treatments. They’ve been lying and degrading natural remedies and indigenous medicine for 100 years based on so-called scientific research and peer-reviewed studies, so let’s see all these studies on vaccines as of late. Put your money where your mouth is, big pharma.

Source naturalnews.com - 7.13.2021