Doctors World Wide Sounding the Alarm: “Staged Pandemic”

Event: Doctors World Wide Sounding the Alarm: "Staged Pandemic".
Name: Staged Pandemic Alarm, Doctors.
Date: 3.3.2021.
Location: Austria, World Wide, Planet Earth.
News Link: - 3.3.2021.

A meme we found on social media.

If you're familiar with the alternative news websites and you're looking further than the mainstream narrative, then this is not really news.

Extreme Media 

There are various videos and articles online regarding doctors or scientists who have another opinion on the pandemic. All of them are well explained and based on scientific data. As you know; you're not allowed to know, according to those who want to control the mainstream media narrative. That's why the censorship online.

A mainstream newspaper from Austria published an article about doctors who are sounding the alarm and call it: a staged pandemic. And that's perhaps interesting these days.

We looked for some information on this newspaper Wochenblick and found some articles, mostly from so called left wing publishers. They criticize Wochenblick of being affiliated with right wing and even right wing extremism.

We at the time transportal are not into left-or-right politics.
We know that a bird needs two wings to fly: a left wing and a right wing.  And if the solution for this pandemic (or plandemic as some call it)  needs a bird to fly, well then yes, we need both wings.

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"Staged pandemic": Doctors from all over the world are sounding the alarm!
Dr. Andrew Kaufmann from the USA confirms that the additional deaths never occurred. He explains: “There was never a pure virus that gave birth to a new disease. So there is no need for a vaccine. There have never been any additional deaths! "

Source: - 3.3.2021.

Ärzte aus aller Welt melden sich zu Wort / Doctors from all over the world speak up