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An overview of news on corona & COVID-19.

Event: Doctors World Wide Sounding the Alarm: “Staged Pandemic”. Name: Staged Pandemic Alarm, Doctors. Date: 3.3.2021. Location: Austria, World Wide, Planet Earth. News Link: – 3.3.2021. A meme we found on social media. If you’re familiar with theRead More →

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Event: Israeli Doctors Say: “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine”. Name: Israel, Covid-19 Vaccine, Mortality Rate. Date: 2.18.2021. Location: Israel, Planet Earth. News Link: – 2.18.2021. Some incredibleRead More →

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Event: University of Hamburg: Accident at Wuhan Lab is the Cause of the Pandemic. Name: University of Hamburg, Wuhan, Pandemic. Date: 2.18.2021. Location: Hamburg, Germany, Wuhan, PRC, Earth. News Link: – 2.18.2021. Have you also noticed that manyRead More →

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Event: WHO Team in Wuhan: Coronavirus May Have Escaped From Lab. Name: Coronavirus, COVID-19, Wuhan. Date: 2.3.2021. Location: Wuhan, China , Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: – 2.3.2020. And here we have another news item from theRead More →

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Event: US Intel: China Harvesting Americans’ DNA Via COVID Tests. Name: DNA harvesting via COVID tests. Date: 1.30.2021. Location: China and U.S.A. , Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: – 1.30.2020. The alternative media and so called ‘conspiracyRead More →

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Event: Massive Fire Erupts at Stem Cells Preservation Firm. Name: Biocell. Date: 1.22.2021. Location: India Planet Earth, The Universe. News Links: – 1.21.2020. Just one day after fire broke out at a vaccine manufacturing unit in India,Read More →

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An Ebola outbreak, monkeys stealing COVID-19 samples, worldwide protests and gatherings. It looks like a second wave could be the next step of the so called cabal. Meanwhile world leaders are taking Hydroxychloroquine as a medicine againstRead More →

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