Jab Lack – World’s Largest Covid Vax Factory Stuck With Around Half a Billion Clot Shots

Name: Vax Maker.
Event: Lack of Orders.
Date: 12.8.2021.
Location: India, Earth.
News Link: rt.com - 12.8.2021.

Lack of clot shot orders. Will mainstream media blame this on climate change or the pure bloods a.k.a. the unmarked, the unvaxxed?

World's largest Covid jab maker forced to halve production
India's Serum Institute, the world's largest vaccine maker, has announced that it is stuck with around half a billion doses of the Covishield jab due to a lack of orders, forcing the company to halve production.
Speaking to Indian TV network CNBC-TV18 on Wednesday, Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawalla claimed that the company is facing a “dilemma” that it could have “never imagined to be in” during the pandemic.
Having fully vaccinated half of India’s eligible adults, the company is currently sitting on a stockpile of around 500 million doses of the locally-manufactured AstraZeneca Covid jab.

Source: rt.com - 12.8.2021.