Truck With Radioactive Material Stolen During Armed Heist in Mexico

Event: Truck With Radioactive Material Stolen During Armed Heist in Mexico.
Name: Radioactive Material, Heist, Mexico.
Date: 4.12.2021.
Location: Teoloyucan, Mexico, Earth.
News Link: - 4.12.2021

This is not the first time a truck with radioactive material was stolen in Mexico. If you use keywords such as; Mexico radioactive stolen truck, in a search engine, you'll get various news stories from 2013, 2014, 2015 and so on.

But this time, it may be different when we put things in perspective with the so called Silent War or World War III.
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‘Extremely dangerous’ radioactive material stolen in Mexico truck hijacking

The Mexican government has warned inhabitants of the densely populated central states that a truck carrying highly radioactive material was stolen from the town of Teoloyucan during an armed heist in the early hours of Sunday.

National security agencies warned that the stolen equipment – a QSA Delta 800 gamma ray projector – is extremely dangerous, and could deliver a fatal dose of radiation to anyone who comes into direct contact with it.

Source: - 4.12.2021