Radiation Leak At Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in China

Name: Taishan Nuclear Power Plant.
Event: Radiation Leak At.
Date: 6.14.2021
Location: China (PRC), Earth.
News Link: thesun.co.uk - 6.14.2021.

NUKE LEAK CRISIS ‘Imminent danger’ as Chinese power plant ‘LEAKING RADIATION but Beijing is trying to cover it up’

Framatome, the French company, contacted US officials on June 8 to inform them of a leaking nuclear reactor and to ask for a waiver to allow them to address the problem.

"The situation is an imminent radiological threat to the site and to the public and Framatome urgently requests permission to transfer technical data and assistance as may be necessary to return the plant to normal operation,"

Source: thesun.co.uk - 6.14.2021.