Nuremberg, Germany: Large Column of Smoke, Power Plant Fire

Event: Nuremberg, Germany: Large Column of Smoke, Power Plant Fire
Name: Nuremberg Power Plant.
Date: 2.8.2021.
Location: Nuremberg, Germany, Planet Earth, The Universe.
News Links: - 2.8.2021.

Two interesting symbols or perhaps codes in this news event: a column of smoke and Nuremberg.
May be more power outages while the world is in lockdown?

According to the duration of the power outage was approximately 1.5 minutes in Nuremberg.

Large column of smoke over Nuremberg: the power plant is on fire

NUREMBERG - Large-scale operation for rescue workers and the fire brigade on Monday evening in Nuremberg: In Gebersdorf, the large power plant of the utility Uniper caught fire. Pictures show a large column of smoke above the building.

Source: - 2.8.2021.

Nuremberg Trials

... the Nuremberg trials were a series of 13 trials carried out in Nuremberg, Germany, between 1945 and 1949. The defendants, who included Nazi Party officials and high-ranking military officers along with German industrialists, lawyers and doctors, were indicted on such charges as crimes against peace and crimes against humanity.


Did you know: Vatican smoke signals were first made to protest Italy?

But what's the idea behind white smoke and black smoke?

Well, the Catholic Church is steeped in tradition. But the practice only goes back less than 150 years — and it started with il Risorgimento, the military unification of Italy, according to a post on St Michael Society.