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RSS – News Feeds from Mainstream Media

About the Time Transportal 

Time is both: abstract and rational thinking.


because time is not made of solid or liquid matter, it cannot be hold by human hands.
And it is something in the mind. The experience of time can vary a lot.
For example: When one is dreaming, one can travel for hours in a dream.
But the actual time that passed by during the dream, like on a mechanical watch, can be just a few seconds.


because time is also numbers. Numbers on a clock and numbers in distance, like travelling.
For example; the amount of kilometers being travelled in an amount of time.
These things can be touched by human hands in a certain way. Like in graphs, measurements and statistics.


So when one is investigating the aspects of time then automatically one will come across various subjects,
since time has to do with almost everything in the world.

Things like; time expression in nature. The rings of trees for example.
And ofcourse the daily time aspects like a 24 hour day. Getting up in the morning at 6:30.
Boiling an egg for 7 minutes.

But also more perhaps complicated things. Dimensions. Frequencies and vibrations in time and space.
The mysterious things. Things that sometimes surface the mainstream and alternative media.

We try to look at time from various aspects and points of view

Because it is such an intense and interesting subject. Something we experience on a daily base.
We all dream sometimes. We all had a Deja Vu experience and we all know the strangeness time can bring.

Time is something we - humanity as a whole - share on this earth.
Time and space.


A winged gif animation. Created around the year 2000 with a program called Ulead 3D. It represents a symbol of an 'O' and 'X' in rotation and two wings.

The was launched on May 18, 2016. It started as an art project.
Soon it became a wider platform for various media and news.
If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

We hope you enjoy the Time Transportal.

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