Last Update 1.30.2021 | An Overview of COVID-19 Medicine Related News

This page is not about medical advice or promoting medicines. We would like to know what else is possible as a solution for the pandemic, besides the vaccine push.

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NIH Revises Treatment Guidelines for Ivermectin for the Treatment of COVID-19
Ivermectin is Now a Therapeutic Option for Doctors & Prescribers.
PRESS RELEASE 1.15.2021 | PDF file 
Source: / FLCCC Alliance, Inc -  1.15.2021

Antiparasitic drug Ivermectin kills coronavirus in 48 hours
Source: - 4.6.2020

Ivermectin could be a bridge until vaccine is available – expert
Source: - 1.22.2021

Calls grow louder for Ivermectin to be endorsed for Covid-19
Source: - 1.17.2021


Hydroxychloroquine may have some use to treat COVID after all, NJ study shows
Source: - 1.22.2021

Countries that use Hydroxychloroquine may have 80% lower Covid death rates
Source: - 8.8.2020

Chloroquine – The HCQ-AZ combination – Sequential CQ / HCQ Research Papers and Reports ⇒

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Israeli Scientists Vindicate Trump: UV LIGHT Kills COVID 99.9% Of The Time
Source: - 12.30.2020

MTA Expands Program Using UV Light to Kill COVID-19 on NYC Subway Cars
Source: - 6.17.2020

Ultraviolet light to zap coronavirus on subways, buses
Source: - 5.20.2020