Man In Fedora Hat Opens Fire During Antifa, Proud Boys Protests in Portland

Name: Man In Fedora Hat.
Event: Antifa, Proud Boys Protests in Portland.
Date: 8.23.2021
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: - 8.23.2021

This news article caught our attention because of the headline with the word: Fedora Hat.
This is not because we're hat enthusiasts or fan of the television series: Blacklist.

The Fedora hat is a symbol and code in the world of agencies and mind control, such as: MKUltra and Monarch Trauma Based Mind Control. And it's interesting to read a headline and news story about a shooter with a fedora hat.

We don't know if the shooter was wearing the Fedora hat for a reason. To bring out a message or code for those who can innerstand the code. Or he was wearing the Fedora hat just because he happens to like those hats, without any further purpose and intention.

An important thing is: the color of the Fedora hat. It's not clearly visible to us what the color of the hat exactly is, of this man.
It looks like Khaki color with a camouflaged print around the hat. His hat doesn't look white or black.

Watch: Man in Fedora Hat Opens Fire as Antifa, Proud Boys Clash in Portland, US - Reports
According to one of the videos that are being shared online, the shooter is a middle-aged man with a fedora hat on his head. He appeared to be alone. As seen in the video, the man hides behind a car, firing three shots before leaving the area.

Source: - 8.23.2021