Major Internet Blackout In The USA – Multinationals, Airlines, Banks and IT Companies Offline

Name: Major Internet Blackout.
Event: Companies Offline.
Date: 7.22.2021
Location: United States of America, Worldwide, Earth.
News Link: - 7.22.2021

Websites of Major American Banks, Airlines, and IT Giants Go Offline
 The list of affected companies includes Microsoft, Google, Amazon, McDonald's, FedEx, American Express, Delta Airlines, UPS, Steam, Airbnb, HBO Max, and many others.
This is the third major Internet outage in two months - previously, airlines, banks, stock exchanges, and trading platforms experienced brief outages due to a bug in a service that helps mitigate distributed denial-of-service attacks, according to Akamai.

Source: - 7.22.2021