Italy: Possible Power Outages

Event: Italy: Possible Power Outages.
Name: Power Outage, Italy.
Date: 2.4.2021.
Location: Italy, Planet Earth, The Universe.
News Links: - 2.4.2021.

According to S.I.E., a large Italian electric power company, some power outages could occur during maintenance. Interesting is that they don't give exact dates when the outages could occur.
The Italian news website wrote: "in the space of a few days."

SIE: possible power outages

SIE informs that in these days some extraordinary maintenance interventions are in progress on plant parts affected by faults in its production plant. Citizens will have realized this following sporadic interruptions in supplies.

The works in question, in the space of a few days, will however guarantee a qualitative improvement of the service, continuity and reliability greater than in the past.

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Source: - 2.4.2021.