Is the Pope Infected With COVID-19?

Is the Pope Infected With COVID-19?

Event: Is Pope Francis Infected with the COVID-19 Virus?
Name: Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
Date: 2.27.2020
Location: The Vatican, Italy, Planet Earth.
News Links: - 2.27.2020

Pope Francis sick a day after supporting coronavirus sufferers

Pope Francis has come down with a “slight indisposition,” forcing him to cancel a planned Mass in Rome, just a day after he expressed his solidarity with coronavirus sufferers around the world — and as the disease continues to spread across Italy.

Source: - 2.27.2020

The Last Pope?

An Irish saint's eerie prophecy that Pope Francis will be the last Pontiff

In 1139, then Archbishop Malachy went to Rome from Ireland to give an account of his affairs. While there he received a strange vision about the future that included the name of every pope, 112 in all from his time, who would rule until the end of time. We are now at the last prophecy.

Source: - 8.19.2018

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