IBTimes: Speculations of Hologram Being Used for Biden’s Appearances

Event: IBTimes: Speculations of Hologram Being Used for Biden's Appearances.
Name: IBTimes, Hologram, Biden.
Date: 3.11.2021.
Location: United States of America, Earth.
News Link: ibtimes.sg - 3.11.2021.

A very strange article surfaced in the mainstream media. IBTimes - International Business Times has an article about Biden's head disappearing on video, and this fuels speculations that a hologram is being uses for Biden's appearance.
A while ago there were rumors of a hologram of the Pope, standing on a balcony. By the way: the Pope who recently visited Iraq, doesn't look like the Pope.

Are the rumors real?

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Biden's Head Disappears on Video, Fueling Speculation of Hologram Being Used for His Appearances
A clip appears to show the top of President Joe Biden's head disappear for a few seconds before magically reappearing in what seems like a glitch.

Source: ibtimes.sg - 3.11.2021.