#ClotShot Trending On Twitter. The Youth Is Aware

Name: #ClotShot.
Event: Trending On Twitter.
Date: 7.17.2021
Location: Worldwide, Earth.
News Link:  Time Transportal Report - 7.17.2021

We received word that the hashtag #ClotShot is trending on Twitter. Those who don't know the Twitter blue bird social media: a hashtag is a subject often spoken about, in this case: ClotShot. And when a subject is trending, this means that a lot of people are using: #ClotShot, in their Tweets (online messages).

Not only Twitter, the subject ClotShot is also trending on other social media such as: TikTok.
You can look this up by doing an online search for: ClotShot trending.
Changes are that many Tweets and message have been 'shadow banned' or censored in the mean time

Of course the censorship machine has to deal with it a.s.a.p. because they're still afraid of this Great Awakening, which is going on and expanding.

A Tweet from a twitter account, regarding #ClotShot censorship.